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Lou Reed (1942–2013)

“I have never thought of music as a challenge—you always figure the audience is at least as smart as you are,” he wrote. “You do this because you like it, you think what you’re making is beautiful. And if you think it’s beautiful, maybe they think it’s beautiful.”

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Slim Whitman (1923–2013)

“By the Waters of Minnetonka” (1952)
from Slim Whitman Sings Million Record Hits
Imperial LP 9102

“Mr. Whitman told the AP in 1991 that he wanted to be thought of as ‘a nice guy’ and a good father. ‘I’d like people to remember me,’ he said, ‘as having a good voice and a clean suit.’”

There is a code for living born in a far different time inherent in that “good voice, clean suit” statement.

Based on the evidence of the inner sleeve, Whitman might not have had to take to TV in the late 1970s to hawk his wares, and Imperial Records might still be around, if the marketing department had not called three out of every four of his albums Slim Whitman Sings.

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